White Paper : The Internet of Industrial Objects

Livre blanc Internet des Objets Industriels

The fourth industrial revolution is now a reality. Industry 4.0 aims to bring together the real world (men, factories, machines) and the virtual world (big data, AI, blockchain…).

The Internet of Industrial Objects (“IIOT”) is one of the pillars of this new paradigm. Its role is to make the link between industry, information systems and analytics. With the dual purpose of the economic profitability of the company and customer satisfaction.

The IIOT brings to the industry modern, agile and configurable production technologies. Through data recovery and dissemination, it allows machines to communicate with each other.

Thanks to the IIOT, the plant becomes smarter. It has remotely operated connected production lines. Data analysis also makes it possible to use and maintain production lines optimally. 

From this exchange, opportunities and the emergence of new business models are born. 

In this white paper you will find

✔ A clear and precise definitionof what industrial IoT is   

 What benefits to expect from industrial IoT

An overview of technologies embedded in the IoT

Concrete applications to project more easily

What best practices to apply to transform faster

 Threats to IIoT projects you’re going to put in place