Your program is elaborated to boost your digital and industry 4.0 strategy

As a business leader, if you want
to transform or innovate with
digital technology, your are in the right place.

We want to help you put in place a
digital dimension and boost your
profitability while adding
new technologies.

Shape your future

Can you imagine your digital, agile,
automated, light, innovative business ?

This is the dream of any company that
enrolls in the new world of digital:
Business processes without a hitch, well-suited employees, machines that communicate with each other and systems that can
can learn from its mistakes.

We know that it is possible to achieve these goals and improve your profitability without feeling like you’re throwing yourself into the unknown and spending lavishly. All you have to do is to use a proven approach that has been tested, refined and let the magic work !

Who do our advice go to ?



The  program

Value your
existing data
using your financial and operational data
Analyze deeply
your results in depth to detect gems 4.0 projects
Plan your strategy
with INNOV’ACTOR so you don’t miss any opportunities

 is the solution for the companies
that want to transform themselves.

Our analyses identify for you the current and future
fundamentals that your company must master, they allow you to delve deeper into the
digital and industry 4.0 envisaged themes and propose
concrete and adapted action and investment plans in the form of a
path of progress, step by step.

You finally get the transformation plan in terms of your ambitions.

Who am I ?

Industrialist and startupper, computer scientist and financial analyst, I am the co-founder of the start-up PERF’ACTOR and also an industry consultant 4.0.

I have a cross-cutting and operational vision on new technologies and provide support to SMEs/ETIs and Groups in their transformation.

Together, we will analyze your most relevant transformation opportunities to establish a digital and industry 4.0 strategic plan for your business.

You’ll have to make choices to develop your business processes and human behaviors, embrace new technologies. But which ones and in what order ?

Finding your transformation projects, prioritizing them and arbitrating them, INNOV’ACTOR will help you find the path that will suit you best.

Alexandre Langlais, CEO

Develop your digital and industrial ambitions

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free exchange with an expert. Start
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