More industrial performance thanks to multiple data sources


Customer case to optimize the industrial and financial performance thanks to data from multiple sources, analyze margins and easily visualize results.


  • Optimizing industrial service margins
  • Bringing together key monitoring indicators in a single application
  • Targets: Business leader and financial controller

Key results

  • Identification of low-margin or negative services
  • Changes in the pricing of services
  • Monitoring the business through margins
ChallengeHaving a unique solution that brings together multiple data sources and advice to improve the margins of the company.
SolutionProviding an innovative solution that manages the margins of industry services.

ResultsAn increased performance through high value-added support coupled with multiple sources of information allows the margins of the company to be fine monitored.

Customer experience feedback - Industry 4.0 - IT2I

“I recommend PERF’ACTOR to companies that want to evolve, those that want to know where they stand, that really want to analyze what they are doing and move forward with the future.”

AUEM – René Ribeaucourt, Business leader


Customer Case | Identity card

What is that ?

▲ A machine shop where parts are cut and tested according to customer standards or recommendations.
▲ A laboratory where a variety of tests are carried out: traction, corrosion, hardness, thermal treatment, chemical analysis, shock bending…

Mechanical tests

▲ Traction Machines (100kN, 200kN, 500kN)
▲ Pendulum impact testers (300J)
▲ Hardness machines (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers…)
▲Metallographic microscope (Zeiss)
▲ Heat processing ovens
▲ Quenching material
▲ Macrograph bench
▲ Three-dimensional measurement machine
▲ Fatigue machine (100kN)


▲ Competitive prices
▲ Premium customer service: responding positively to emergencies at no extra cost

Its story

▲ Created by a materials science engineer and former quality manager
▲ A dream come true: creating his own laboratory
▲ Creation of the first machine shop in 1999 and some mechanical test machines
▲ Moving in 2003 for more surface area
▲ Moving in 2003 for more surface area


▲ Bandsaws
▲ Conventional and digitally controlled towers
▲ CN Towers with Y axis and turning tools
▲ Conventional milling machine and CN
▲ Band polishers
▲ Wire electro erosion machine
▲ Water cutting machine

its customers

▲ Large accounts: Alstom, Bombardier, NOV, Vallourec…
▲ SMEs: oxycutting, boilermakers, steel dealers…

Customer Case | Interview

What attracted you to PERF’ACTOR?

What I liked about PERF’ACTOR was being able to combine multiple data sources (ERP – accounting data) and, in return, getting an understandable, concrete, synthetic and clear visualization.

Also, I enjoyed having a dedicated software whose use is reserved for a few people chosen in the company because it is very sensitive and confidential data.

Finally, I really liked that PERF’ACTOR allows a flexible and personalized setting, indeed, we exploit the data we have defined together, in the way we have defined together while getting valuable strategic analyses.

What did PERF’ACTOR bring you?

PERF’ACTOR allows us to analyse, to process the company’s data, to come up with concrete information: the points where we earn money, the points where we spend too much time, where we lose money, the costs that we had misjudged in terms of calibrations, maintenance or machine breaks …
Visually we can easily know for which customer we earn money, for which customer we lose it, for what type of test we earn money, for what type of test we lose it.

PERF’ACTOR also brings more precision thanks to its fine tree analysis: so, each type of test comes in different branches that come in different branches themselves… we can thus pinpoint precisely where the problem comes from and see easily and quickly the action plan to be put in place.

PERF’ACTOR therefore allows a very fine analysis of past data but it also allows us to project ourselves towards the future by simulating various hypotheses and scenarios.

How is it complementary to your ERP?

With the implementation of our Foxyz ERP, we quickly got a significant increase in data to manage.
PERF’ACTOR has been able to extract this data there, analyze it and easily and efficiently process it in order to bring out its true value.
PERF’ACTOR is therefore very complementary to our ERP and allows us to maximize its value.

Why did you choose PERF’ACTOR more than any other company?

I chose PERF’ACTOR for their innovation in their coaching approach. It is the complementarity of their innovative monitoring platform and their personalized support that seduced me. Because alone, we buy a software but we don’t necessarily work on it and the cost of more traditional consulting firms is too high for us. Thanks to the platform they have created, PERF’ACTOR allows us to benefit from a quality strategic support, usually reserved for large groups thanks to a much more competitive value for money than the firms in more traditional strategy.

Who would you advise PERF’ACTOR?

I would recommend PERF’ACTOR to companies that want to evolve, that want to know where they stand, where the money is spent, where the money is earned and how they can evolve; companies that really want to analyze what they are doing and move forward.

I would recommend it to companies that have a large volume of data to analyze and need a software that centralizes everything to get a synthetic and effective view of their situation.

PERF’ACTOR in three words?

  • A centralisation of data in one place
  • A visualization of the situation to find out where the costs are
  • A constant support throughout the process

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Consultant PERF'ACTOR expert performance senior

Alexandre Langlais, CEO PERF’ACTOR