Your program is elaborated to precisely monitor your margins and your profitability

You run a business, and you want to improve your competitiveness? You are in the right place.

We want to help you put in place successful monitoring methods and optimize your profitability through the combination of an internet platform and a targeted support.

Optimize your business

A precise diagnosis, in-depth analyses, your
personalized indicators:
everything is put together to develop your business

Every successful company has both the right tools and the right knowledge to boost its revenue while ensuring the profitability of its business.

We support companies that aim to increase their profitability and improve their margins without having to set up a computer gas plant or without having to pay for long consulting assignments. All you have to do is using a proven approach that has been tested, refined and let the magic work !

Who do our advice go to ?



The   program

Import your
existing data

and value your accounting, financial and operational data

View the results
to detect your new profitability opportunities at your fingertips
Organise your actions
by priority for maximum efficiency and optimize your business

 is the solution to simplify the
development of the business

Based on methods usually reserved for large groups, our analyses and diagnostics identify for you the relevant optimization opportunities to your business.

Our algorithms allow you to access to an enormous potential while the cost-effectiveness support allows you to implement concrete and adapted initiatives in the form of a step-by-step path of progress.

You finally get the action plan in terms of your ambitions.

Who am I ?

Industrialist and startupper, computer scientist and financial analyst, I am the co-founder of the start-up PERF’ACTOR and also an industry consultant 4.0.

I have a cross-cutting and operational vision on new technologies and provide support to SMEs/ETIs and Groups in their transformation.

Together, we will analyze your most relevant transformation opportunities to establish a digital and industry 4.0 strategic plan for your business.

What activities, products or services need to evolve ? Do I need to review my pricing policy ? Do I have to negotiate with my suppliers ? Do my teams need training to become more efficient ? But what actions should be taken as a priority ?

Find the right initiatives, organize your priorities and quickly deploy your actions, INDIC’ACTOR will help you find the path that will suit you best.

Alexandre Langlais, CEO

Develop your margins and your profits

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