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Thanks to PERFACTOR, you accelerate the
transformation of your business, join the digital and
industry 4.0 world while ensuring the
profitability of your business.

Our consulting firm supports you in all your
strategies of innovation and management of
investments towards the connected business.

Optimized digitalization – Guaranteed performance

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Our expertise

Corporate performance is part of PERF'ACTOR's expertise


PERF'ACTOR experts at your disposal in digital and industry 4.0


PERF'ACTOR an expertise in information systems management


PERF'ACTOR supports you in your digital and industry 4.0 strategy


PERF'ACTOR experts in corporate governance and information systems for digital


PERF'ACTOR, an expertise in cloud applications and cloud migration


A teamwork for a sustainable growth

Reach your goals

To guarantee results, we rely on our proven performance acceleration methodology with small and medium-sized companies and major industrial groups.

More profitability, more innovations, you will succeed.

Get global support

Our team is at your side throughout the project. Thanks to the PERFACTORY, you’ll have access to multi-sector business skills and broad-spectrum expertise in industrial solutions.

Get high value-added reporting

Throughout our collaboration, you will get a clear and understandable visualization of our analyses and results. You will be able to consult them at any time, you will also be able to share them with your team, your associates and turn them into a strategic communication tool at any time.

They trust us

Customer experience feedback - IT Controller - Vallourec
Jacqueline Hariga
IT Financial Controller – Vallourec

“The support of PERF’ACTOR allowed us to raise the right questions and enrich our thinking about our overall information system strategy, in particular in terms of cost optimization.”

Customer experience feedback - Industry 4.0 - IT2I
René Ribeaucourt
Business leader – AUEM

“I recommend PERF’ACTOR to companies that want to evolve, those that want to know where they stand, that really want to analyze what they are doing and move forward with the future.”


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Customer experience feedback - Financial controller - IT2I
Frédéric Allard
Business leader – IT2I

“With PERF’ACTOR, we realized that some of our activities were very profitable, and other were not… we truly control the company. »

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PERF'ACTOR with Maddyness
PERF'ACTOR with La Gazette

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Identify your
gold nuggets and future

in our strategic
fields: digital
innovation and industry 4.0

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Finally, make a better use
of your

revealing their
still hidden and unexploited


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Improve the
monitoring of your

with the combination of a management
platform and a targeted support

Smart investments are not by chance.

Choose digital and industry 4.0 to develop your growth and increase the profitability of your company.

Thanks to an expert support and a platform to visualize your data, increasing efficiency, profitability and growth has never been easier.

Start now and propel the
growth of your business.
PERF'ACTOR finds you digital and industry 4.0 solutions to help you grow your business