White Paper : Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the digital transformation of industrial companies. It operates in the current context of the fourth industrial revolution.

This is a real upheaval in the economy and a disruptive change in this sector. The integration of new digital technologies into industrial companies leads to changes in processes, management methods, business models and working methods.

In practical terms, Industry 4.0 is characterized by the automation and integration of the company’s value chain.

Factories become connected and intelligent, and PERF’ACTOR details this upheaval to transform itself with relevance.

In this white paper, you will find

The industry 4.0 challenges you’ll face

An overview of the technologies that are within your reach

What good practices to apply to transform faster

What benefits can you expect from such an approach in your industry?

Feedback to make sure you don’t get it wrong and gain in maturity